Trips through the Jordaan

tochtenfoto2The Jordaan is very suitable to be explored via a beautiful excursion. Except by foot it can also be done by bicycle or over the water. You can take the excursion independently under accompaniment of a guide. For this there are several organisations of which the guides are experts of the neighborhood. If you go independently, you can find here a couple handy routes and tips.



bezichtigenfoto2In the Jordaan are many sights worth seeing. There is of course the Westertoren on the border of Jordaan. Or the ' more ordinary' Nooderkerk on the Noordermarkt, where you will also find some memorials and statues. The Jordaan contains many courtyard, form which some of the are open to visit. On the Johnny Jordaan Plein you wil find statues of the famous Jordaan singers.



Museums in the Jordaan

museumfoto_kleinIn the Jordaan contains a few museums. There is of course the Anne Frankhuis on the border of Jordaan. But more smaller-scale museums can be find in the Jordaan, such as the Theo Thijssen museum, the Woonbootmuseum or the Pianolamuseum. Also in the field of art & culture there is enough to see in Jordaan.


Hotels in the Jordaan

hoteldelooierFor the people that like to stay overnight in the Jordaan, the district contains hotels in the range from one till five stars. This way you can really taste how it feels to live in the Jordaan. Most hotels are situated in former canal houses, that still contains the historical ambiance of the old Jordaan. Except the hotels in the Jordaan itself there are also a lot of hotels nearby in the city centre, that are only a few minutes walking.

For an overview of the prices and additional information about these hotels, please see this website, here you will find a comparison of the prices of different booking sites.



How to get there

jordaan_luchtfoto_kleinThe Jordaan is very convenient located on the west side of the centre of Amsterdam. Therefore its simply reachable from the centre and from Amsterdam west, for the visitors from outside the city. The most streets however, are to small for public transport or car traffic. Thats why most of the time the last meters will have to be done by foot. But this is not a problem in the Jordaan, because there enough to see underway.



The Jordaan Webcam

webcamJordaan INFO now has a Webcam. This gives you a live view of the corner Prinsengracht and Bloemgracht. This location is pretty much the main access route to the north side of the Jordaan. You can see the many boats in the Prinsengracht, the Westertower and the Anne Frank House with its many visitors.



Filmpjes van de Jordaan

video_nieuw_introIn de Jordaan is veel veranderd, maar heeft toch z'n charme behouden. In deze fimpjes kunt u zien hoe de Jordaan vandaag de dag eruit ziet. Veel buurtwinkeltjes zijn er niet meer, maar er zijn weer wel vele leuke terrasjes bij gekomen. Ook hebben de grachten en smalle straatjes hebben hun knusheid weten te bewaren. Via deze filmpjes kunt u alvast de sfeer van de Jordaan proeven, voordat u een bezoek brengt aan deze buurt.